Brian + Corylene | A modern and stylish DIY backyard wedding

This wedding holds a special place in my heart since my husband and I have been friends with the groom for 10+ years. We spent a good part of our early 20’s at Brian’s and have more memories than we can count with him and all of the awesome people that came out to support he and Corylene’s special day.

When I officially met Corylene at their engagement session, I immediately could tell that Brian had found his forever. I went home and gushed to Morgan about how happy he was and how amazing she was. They laugh together, more than anything else, and you know this about me… laughter is KEY to a lifetime of happiness.

The day of the wedding, my first stop was the salon where Corylene was getting ready and walked into the room with such a calm about her… I was immediately impressed by her! Most brides, naturally, are a little jittery and nervous at this part of the day, but that didn’t happen to her until right before she put on her dress! (even then, she was so calm and collected) I think the reason for this is because she knew that the day would be perfect, no matter what.

We started the ceremony on time (also unheard of) and the entire bridal party was there and ready for photos and not one person complained! You could tell that these people they chose to stand next to them on such an important day were truly there to support them and have been supporting them all along.

I bawled my eyes out during the speeches. I know my background is with the groom but hearing the heartfelt speeches makes me wish I knew the bride longer and the stories read told us how strong and how amazing of a mother she is. I literally couldn’t seen through my viewfinder at one point! Then we got an epic wind storm and downpour! We didn’t think we were going to get a sunset but all of a sudden, right at 9pm, the clouds opened up and gave us such pretty colors! We ran into the field and ran around in the tall, wet grass and got some of the most gorgeous bride and groom portraits I have ever taken. When we got back to the reception, I discovered that Morgan had taken one of my cameras and was having a good old time running around taking out of focus candid shots of all of our friends. Then the best man got in on the fun and, seriously, you guys, these photos. I feel like they need their own blog post 😂

They ended the night with their first dance under the Montana sky and an awesome fireworks show. I was truly honored to be your photographer and I am so stinking happy for both of you! I can’t wait to watch the rest of your love story and wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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