Through it All

“the struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you will need for tomorrow”

This is my friend Kayla. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 31. She recently started chemotherapy and started to prepare herself for all of the side effects of chemo, hair loss being one of them. After being inspired by a beautiful photo shoot she saw on social media, she made the brave decision to shave her head.

She got in touch with me and told me her idea to document this part of her fight and that she wanted to include her family… what she didn’t realize was that she would not only have her immediate family, but also her brothers, niece, nephews and her mom would be there to support her on this very important day! Her older brother Brian, as well as her husband, Jason, shaved their heads in support as well! (cue the waterworks 😭❤️)

I am not totally sure how I kept it together during this shoot. Having known Kayla for as long as I have, as well as the rest of her family… It was incredibly touching and extremely emotional but in the end, so inspiring. I was a puddle the entire day.

It was truly an honor to be your photographer. I have faith that you are going to come out of this stronger than ever! You are so brave and an incredible person. I am forever inspired by you and love that you are passionate about sharing this message and inspiring others to never hide and that they are never alone in their battle! 🎗️

Thank you to the amazing Hillary Larson for the gorgeous job on Kayla’s makeup and to Melissa Beumer with Farm to Market Floral for her beautiful arrangements. Also, her gorgeous dress from The Refinery really brought this whole idea to life.

  1. Judydel says:

    Auh inspiring family ~ bless them all! In my prayers for full recovery!


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