Honcoop Family

It’s been 2 years since I met this amazing family for the first time and so much has happened, since then… I feel like I need to share their amazing story.

Maggie & Matt booked their first family session with me when Addi was only around 18 months old. She was a little spit fire and I could immediately tell that whatever we were doing; if it wasn’t her idea, it wasn’t happening! She reminded me of my Amelia girl. These strong-willed and independent little people are going to run the world someday.

They booked a fall mini a year later and they were expecting their second baby girl! I was so excited to capture such a fun and exciting time in their lives and see miss Adalynn become a big sis!

And then, year ago, today, I woke up ready for a full day of shoots in my studio and before I even got out of bed, I checked my phone to a text message that I never expected to see. “They just induced me because the baby does not have a heartbeat… would you be willing to come to the hospital and take some photos?”

From that moment on, it was a total blur to me. I threw on some clothes and texted as many of my clients as I could, letting them know that I would be late and I drove to the hospital.

Hope was beautiful. She was an angel. Photographing her was the hardest thing that I have ever done but I am so honored that I was able to be there for Maggie & Matt and to capture that sweet, beautiful face before they would have to say goodbye to her, forever.

We did our Christmas Minis a month later. Maggie texted me saying she wanted to come and I was incredibly nervous because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing. I didn’t know if I should talk about Hope or not talk about her. I have never been good with this kind of thing but when they showed up, it was totally different than I expected. Even though they had suffered such an incredible loss and were probably still so lost and grieving more than I think any of us will ever realize… they got out of their car and they were them. They were a family. Here were two people being the parents that Addi needed in spite of everything. Two of the strongest people I will ever know.

Shortly after their Christmas session, Maggie texted me with the most amazing news; They were expecting again… and this time it was a boy! I was beyond excited for this sweet and incredibly strong family. We did their maternity shoot in the same place we did maternity photos when Maggie was pregnant with Hope. It was totally by accident, but I also feel like there was a little bit of fate at play. Even though we didn’t intend for it to be the same spot, we were able to continue to honor her, in a way and at the same time, celebrate such an exciting time while they were waiting on baby boy Honcoop!

“rainbow baby” noun

  1. A baby born subsequent to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant from natural causes.

“my rainbow baby gave me my hope back”

This family session will hold so dear to my heart. After our first shoot, I would never have guessed that we would have become as close as we are and I would have been there with you guys as much as I have. I am so grateful to be your photographer and your friend. I can’t wait to watch your love story continue and watch those beautiful babies grow up.

Welcome to the world little guy. You sure picked an awesome family. My goodness, are they going to love you.

  1. gayle chvilicek says:

    Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dustin Honcoop says:

    Those are great photos guys good memories to have. Good luck with this new little Spitfire I’m sure he’ll be a handful chasing a sister around.

  3. Carole Clohesy says:

    Wonderful wonderful piece. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hope is the theme and the courage of this young family is inspirational.

  4. Bobbie Gilmore says:

    Absolutely breathtaking to see and hear this precious family’s journey put together like this. Beautiful images. Strong indeed. ❤

  5. Ron Honcoop says:

    Love these. Wondering how we could order some or see others if you took more. We are Matt’s parents. Thanks so much for capturing these photos!


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