Dan + Wendy – Snowy Springtime Glacier Park Elopement

This is Dan & Wendy and they are our next door neighbors.Our babies have grown up with them and Amelia even had her very first sleepover, ever, at their house with their sweet girls. They are like family to us!

One of the first times we hung out with them, we were lucky enough to hear their love story. These two have been together for 15 years!! AND we were surprised to hear that they weren’t actually married! I won’t get into the details of their start but if you ever have the chance to hear their adventures together, it is definitely a story for the books!

Wendy and I were chatting one summer while the girls played in the pool and she brought up that they were finally planning their wedding! Of course, my wedding photographer/wedding planner brain immediately started to spit out ideas from a destination wedding in Hawaii to a big classic Montana wedding with a big party with all the glitz and glam. But, this laid back couple just wanted to have a simple day with their closest friends and family and, really, all they wanted was a gorgeous view of the mountains in Montana by some water. And when the day finally came, Glacier Park did not disappoint! OH. MY. GOODNESS. did they ever get the most perfect day.

It was truly an honor to watch you two FINALLY become Mr. & Mrs. Your’s has been one of my most favorite love stories I have ever been lucky enough to document. I wish for you so many more amazing years together and so many more adventures. Thank you for your friendship all of these years! I will totally sit in the snow for you any time you need me to for any of your future photos you need!

I hope you guys enjoy the highlights from your day. Congratulations again!


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