Montana Wedding Photographer-Kiralee Jones, Photographer Iakona is ONE

Iakona is ONE

A year ago, my best friend was at home having contractions and preparing for one of the most amazing days of her life.  I made it to the hospital and four hours later, Iakona was here!  I wanted to share his birth story with you again, not only because I love it so much but because it is a fun reminder of what that day was really like!

Iakona | a birth story | from Kiralee Jones on Vimeo.

okay, now that I have bawled my eyes out… Here are some photos from his Yo Gabba Gabba themed one year session ♥  He sure did love that cake, mama!

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Happy Birthday little man!  We love you so much.  I can’t believe it has been an entire YEAR since you made all of our lives so much happier ♥

Romper: Tickles & Toots, LLC | Banner: Tickles & Toots, LLC | Cake:  Devour: desserts by Erin 

  1. Beth says:

    Kiralee … Thank you so much for capturing these awesome photos. I feel like I was there to share in the event even from across the country.


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